"and now what many of you probably already knew, a Japanese study found that when the smell of money was pumped through the ventilation system, worker productivity increased"

-Louis Rukeyser, Wall Street Week

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  • Yes, It's Real!

    Every fragrance comes packed with real shredded U.S. currency.

"Success in a bottle"

"L'eau De Dough"

"Ever wonder what capitalism smells like?"

"The smell of fresh cash"

"Packed with about $500 in shredded currency"

"Dollar bills have an evocative smell"


Define your success today.

His & Her Collection
  • Inspirational

    Opening with the aroma of fresh linen, cotton, and silk; These are the base notes of freshly minted U.S. currency.

  • Empowering

    Whether HIS Money or HER Money, both include their own set of distinctively curated scents that mix with the notes of Money for a truly empowering effect.

  • Bold

    With such a bold fusion, you too can be bold along every step on your path to success.

  • Unforgettable

    We've created a fragrance that embodies a lifestyle. A lifestyle that lets you stand out and become unforgettable.

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Learn about the inspiration for MONEY and our journey so far.

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